Welcome to Thirsk Doctors Surgery

We are committed to providing high quality primary care services through an ethos of continuous learning and reflection, while ensuring all staff and patients are treated with dignity, honesty and respect.  We aim to be innovative and adaptable to the changing face of General Practice and to balance the needs of individual patients with those of the wider practice population. We are dedicated to promoting the aims of values of our Primary Care Network and Clinical Commissioning Group and strive to improve the health of our population and encourage self-care. 


Dear Patients,

At the end of March the surgery underwent a complete change of IT system to bring us inline with other North Yorkshire practices.  This has brought with it an enormity of challenges and barriers for our patients and staff.  Many of the issues that have arisen could not be predicted.  

Our Dispensary continues to face multiple issues at every step of the dispensing process, from stock ordering, patient access to the NHS app and the time it takes to dispense each item.

We are addressing these issues by significantly increasing working hours amongst existing staff, visiting other surgeries who dispense and use the same IT system and trying to gain knowledge from associations such as Dispensing Doctors Association and the Local Medical Committee.  We are grateful to our staff who have worked extra, even on Easter Sunday, to try and tackle the backlog. 

We write to you, as our valued patients, to ask for your understanding at this challenging time.  We understand the frustrations and fear that can result from delays in medication ordering and dispensing.  Sadly due to these complexities, our staff continue to be treated at times with hostility and verbally abused on a regular basis.

Change certainly brings challenge and we envisage that it will be some time before issues in dispensary are fully mitigated.

Thank you for your understanding.  

Dr Louise Allen, Dr Laura Longstaff, Dr Eric Robertson, Dr Jenny Smailes. Dr Nick Rummens, Dr Katie Dixon

The Surgery is an approved training practice for the training of General Practice Registrars and hosts Registrars on 6 and12 month placements from the Harrogate GP Training Scheme. 

Dr Longstaff is an approved GP Trainer who is supported by Dr Robertson, as an Associate Trainer. Dr Longstaff also works as a Training Programme of the Harrogate GP Training Scheme.

Being an approved training practice means that:

  • patients can directly contribute to the training of future GP
  • it keeps all doctors and nurses keep in touch with new medical developments and skills
  • It improves all doctors and nurse’s consultation and training skills
  • It ensures that clinical standards and standards of medical record keeping are maintained
  • It helps with recruitment of high quality doctors to the practice for job vacancies

GPRs are doctors in training who are qualified doctors and have already worked in hospitals as junior doctors for at least 3 years and have now decided that they would like to specialise in General Practice.

In order to qualify as a GP all doctors have to complete Postgraduate Specialist Training which includes at least 18 months training in General Practice.


Medical and Nursing Students

The surgery has a number of established links with local universities. We host 4th year medical students from Hull York Medical School and 5th year students from Newcastle. Students are encouraged to run their own surgeries, supervised by a GP, to support their development and learning. We also host nursing students from South Tees.

Thank you for welcoming the GP Registrars and Medical Students and supporting them with their training. 


We are not currently recruiting, however if you are interested in working for us please email a cover letter and CV to kristy.o'hanlon@nhs.net