Clinics We Offer

Please note some of these are limited are present but advice regarding these maybe available over the phone.

As well as general GP appointments we offer a range of other clinical services within the practice.

Asthma Clinics

All asthma patients requiring medication will be invited for annual review in an asthma clinic appointment to ensure their condition is maintained at the optimal level. Children will be offered an additional 6 monthly review appointment.

Asthma Questionnaire

Diabetes Clinics

Care for our Diabetic Patients 2020.  One of HCA will carry out necessary monitoring, blood test, BP, height, weight and foot checks.  Anne will contact you with the results.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes should attend a Group Consultation session every 6 months months, with or without hospital follow-up as well.

National Diabetes Audit: how your information is used to help improve diabetes care

Respiratory Assessment / COPD Clinics

For patients over the age of 35 years, usually with a smoking history, history of breathing problems, or an existing diagnosis of COPD, this clinic offers routine lung function assessment (spirometry) and the appropriate treatments to maintain health.

Family Planning

The doctors and nurses offer general advice and information on contraception and sexual health.  We offer a range of services including oral contraceptive pill, contraceptive injections, as well as long lasting contraceptive implants and coil fitting.

Child/Baby Immunisations

Our nurses hold regular clinics for both pre-school and school age children for routine immunisations.

NHS Vaccinations

Minor Operations

Most of the doctors are trained to provide a minor surgery service (e.g. removal of cysts, joint injections, toenail removal). This can be discussed at any consultation. Please note that we can only offer these procedures in specific clinics when we have a doctor available and sufficient patients to fill a clinic.  This means that you may be placed a waiting list.


Adults who missed out on the MMR vaccination as a baby and are therefore not immune can have the MMR vaccine on the NHS. Some adults may not have received full protection because of changes in the MMR vaccine. Anyone born between 1980 and 1990 may not have received a mumps vaccine and anyone born between 1970 and 1979 may have only had a measles vaccine.  If you fall into one of these groups, please make an appointment with the nurse for the MMR vaccination.

MMR Leaflet

Warfarin Monitoring (INR)

The health care assistants offer a warfarin monitoring service in the practice.  Clinics are generally held in the afternoon as the testing is done in the practice rather than having to be sent to the labs.

Smoking Cessation

We are now offering Smoking Cessation at the Surgery, book with Katie or Karen, available online.