Minor Illnesses - Practice Nurses

Our Nurse Practitioner, Anne Reed is a highly trained specialist nurse. She has undertaken additional medical education in order to provide advanced nursing care and to prescribe medication.

Nurse practitioners can provide advice for many problems for which you may have seen a doctor for in the past. Their main areas of expertise are in the management of common illnesses and long term conditions.

Anne can triage you request, make a diagnosis and provide advice and treatment including a prescription if required. They can make referrals to hospital doctors or other health care professionals and can consult the GP's about your care when necessary.

Please consider the following list of symptoms and conditions and consider a telephone consultation with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Conditions that the Prescribing Nurse can treat:


Acute Asthma

Bites And Stings

Boils/ Carbuncles

Burns/ Scalds


Chest Infection

Conjunctivitis / Red Eye


Contraceptive Pill Checks

Cough Symptoms

Earache / Ear related Problems

Eczema/ Dermatitis

Emergency Contraception

Haemorrhoids/ Piles


Head Lice/ Scabies


HRT Repeats


Medication Reviews

Oral Contraception/ Delaying Periods


Rashes / Skin Complaints

Soft Tissue Injury/ Sprains


Throat infections

Thrush-Oral/ Vaginal/Nappy Rash/

Vaginal Discharge

Uncomplicated Urine Infections – Female

Wound Infection